Upload your videos here!


We're hard at work planning our Christmas services and we need your help. This is an opportunity for your whole family to play a part in the celebration. Get out those old Christmas home movie reels and video tapes, pop some popcorn, take a trip down memory lane, and then send us your favorite 30-second clip.

It could be serious, funny, sweet, silly, something wonderful or something unfortunate, like your cat pulling down the entire, fully-decorated Christmas tree just moments before 50 of your closest friends arrive for a party.

The older and more nostalgic, the better, but don't worry, if your favorite memory hasn't been digitized yet, you can play it the old-fashioned way - on a screen or on your tv - and take a video of it with your iPhone.

When you're done reminiscing, use the link below to upload! It's really easy - just drag and drop.